This beast was my home for a week!

Carnival Splendor

Day 1 & 2- Days at Sea

For the first two days, Brandon and I decided to check out the WHOLE ship. There were 11 floors to explore and enjoy. We spent most of our time on the 5th (Casino/El Morroco) and 9th (Lido Deck-Buffets/Dance Floor).

Every evening the house-keeping picks up your room, and leaves a different towel animal with the next days agenda. :)

What a cute elephant!

Day 3 & 4- Cabo San Lucas

The first day in Cabo, our whole group went Golfing at a 5star golf course. Brandon and myself were on a team with John and Jason. I don't golf, so I volunteered to drive the cart. :) Through-out the day Brandon happened to break a golf club and lose one. Another guy nearly rolled a golf cart, after he fell out of it. Last but not least, a guy hit the ball and ended up smashing a window. Lets just say...it was an eventful golf day.

The next day was a shopping day. It took us twice as long to get to the mall, because of all the people on the street trying to sell you crap. Finally when we reached the mall...it was nearly empty. A lot of stores were shut down. Personally, I found Cabo to be quite dirty and a tad bit sketchy. I had a guy ask me if I wanted to by a bracelet for $50, I said no, so he offered weed instead. Haha After shopping, we rented a boat thing and headed out to "Lover's Beach". On our way out we saw a lot of sea lions. And we also got the chance to hold a baby tiger. Check that off my bucket list!

Day 5- Puerta Vallarta

Pirates! Brandon and I went on a Pirate Ship Excursion! When we got on the ship they fed us breakfast, and then started some shows right after. I felt sick the whole way to the beach, however it was still a lot of fun. When we reached the beach, everyone had a choice to either relax on the beach or go snorkeling/kayaking. I chose to lay on the beach to try and get my stomach to settle. Brandon chose snorkeling. After all the swimming, snorkeling/kayaking, beach volleyball, and treasure hunt was over...we got back on the ship, they fed us lunch and prepared us for more games and shows.

After we got off the ship, we headed to the mall. This mall was waaayyy better than the one in Cabo.

Brandon & Pirate

Day 6&7- Days at Sea

These days were just relax "do whatever" days. We attened a few comedy shows, dances, etc. Hung out with Anthony and Brittany for a bit both days.

Brandon, Connor, Shane


The cruise was a lot of fun, but I am sooo glad to be home with my baby boy!! :)


2011 has come and gone so quick...

-Brandon tore his meniscus and had to have knee surgery.

-I had my gallbladder removed a few weeks after.

-Colton & Eva found out they were expecting!-Noah James, Dec.6 4lbs 6oz

-Had my 1st Mother's Day.

-Brandon bought the business he was working for.

-Jaxton enjoyed his 1st summer.

-Moved to Lethbridge.

-I started back at the Credit Union.

-Jax turned 1yrs old & also has learned to walk.

-Sat in the Emergency for Jax twice in a month.

This Christmas was the first year I did not spend at my parents house. Brandon and I decided to have our own thing on Christmas Eve and day.

Christmas Eve we opened our pajama's, ordered some chinese, and watched Christmas movies. :)

Christmas day, we woke Jaxton up at 9:30 to open presents. All of us got very spoiled this year!

That morning Irealized Jax had red dots all around his mouth and all over his legs. So we decided to take him to emergency, not knowing what it was. I was told by one of my nurse friends that Chicken Pox was going around. So we crossed our fingers that it wasn't that.

We ended up waiting in emergency for about an hour and a half, to find out that Jaxton had caught the "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease." The Dr. said it's quite common with babies/toddlers and there is nothing you can do to make it go away. You just wait it out. Luckily it didn't hurt or itch.

Emergency- He had a VERY high fever, ear infection, and his face started to swell. Poor baby :(
After we left Emergency, we raced back to the house to put the Turkey in the oven. This was my first time cooking a turkey meal. Ah!..It turned out fabulous! I wish I wouldn't taken a picture of it! Next time!

Also this year, I thought it would be nice to get some pictures done and use them for some gift ideas. They all turned out really cute!

One of the most important things I have learned in the past year is to, "Embrace those who love you and whom you love, and rid yourself of those who will only bring you down."


A little late....

This year was really Jaxton's 1st Halloween. Being 2 days old for Halloween doesn't really count. So this year we dressed Jax up as monkey...of course. All this kids owns is football and monkey stuff. Since Jax was going to be a monkey, Brandon and myself decided to be pirates.

Even though Jax was sick, we bundled him up and took him trick 'r treating down the street and back. Jaxton & Dad ready to go!


Mommy & Jaxton..brr...

Our little monkey :)


October has come and gone! and things have gotten a bit crazy around here.
At the end of September, I decided to get away for a week before returning to work. So I packed my bags and took a little road trip to Salt Lake, Utah to visit some friends. :) It was a looonnngg 13ish hr. drive, but so worth it! I had a blast! Here's a few memories I made there:

- sleeping on a "love sac"

- meeting Derrick, Ben, and Leslie

- Cafe Rio

- purchasing perfume out of a truck in the Wendy's parking lot

- finding long, lost "Fred" in Ross

- becoming friends with a drunk girl and a surfer? ha

- had a homeless man sing to my friends & me

- met Arthur, while he sang a love song to David <--hilarious!

- dancing at "ONE"

- Denny's at 3:00 a.m. (took an hour to find it. turned out to be right around the corner from where we were to begin with)

- Had a guy (Steven), tell David he was sexy and he wanted him. haha

- B.J's (Ben & Jerry's)

- Bbqing

- Shopping

- Attended school with Cortney for a day

- Stayed in my vehicle one night watching Law Abiding Citizen

- Walgreens.. Mhmm


- Licence plate game

Even though I had a lot of fun!...I counted down the days to finally get home to Jaxton James! I missed him like crrrazzzyy!!

The morning after getting back from Utah, was the day for me to return to work at 1st Choice. Before mat.leave I worked at the Cardston branch, but seems how I moved to Lethbridge in June, I was transferred to a branch here. I am enjoying the branch here, even though it is a little bit different...so there are things I'm going to have to get used to. No biggie.

Thanksgiving was a bit different this year. Instead of going to both Brandon and my parents, we had our own Thanksgiving dinner. Jaxton's 1st! He loved all the food, almost as much as I did. I think he enjoyed the sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows on top,the most.

Well, Jaxton James is officially 1yrs old!! It's a bitter-sweet moment for me. He's getting so big, so fast. I hate it...but I love it! A few things about Jaxton over the past year:

- Born at home on October 29,2010 @ 1:33p.m.

-Weighed in @ 9pounds 2 ounces

- Slept through the night by 1 week old (and still does)

- Loved his swing & jolly jumper

- Mastered the army crawl for quite awhile

-LOVES food! Never had to teach him to eat.

- Dances to everything...head bang and all! (Big Bang Theory intro.song is his favorite...ooo and the Gummi Bear song)

- Hates wearing hats. He rips them off, throws it to the ground and giggles.

- Already does not like the color pink. He won't touch it.

- He claps with a huge grin on his face

- Jax has a grumpy face down pat...thanks to Uncle Colton for teaching him that!

- He can say, "Dada", "Mama", and "Hi"

- Loves his stuffed monkeys...gives them hugs & giggles.

- Jax gets into everything and anything!

For his birthday, Jaxton just happened to be really sick. :( poor baby! I did not get many pictures because he was crying and grumpy most the day.

Jax is my world! He is the best baby boy anyone could ask for! And I'm glad he's all mine!!


Summer is over! Noooo! STOP! REWIND!

This summer went by way too fast for me! There are so many more things I want to do.! The few things we did get to enjoy were:

  • Jax & myself went camping with my family down at Lake 5. We also did some shopping in Kalispell while there. Jax got to cruise in the kayak with "Papa", and he loved it!

  • The Air-show was another HOT day this summer! Brandon, myself, and Jax went with Colton & Eva. We enjoyed checking out all the planes and watching them do tricks!

  • We attended Street Wheelers and the Show & Shine.

  • Jaxton really enjoyed watching the Cardston parade, especially the little ponies!

  • Brandon & I spent an evening at Whoop-up Days with Colton & Eva. It definitely wasn't as fun as when we were in High School

  • Big Scoop Ice-cream & Zums in Waterton pleased me once again for the year.

  • Nicholas Sheran pool & waterpark!

  • Henderson Park for picnics.

  • Golfing

  • Bevans Family Reunion.

Love this boy!

My bestie & I at Whoop-up days

Getting ready to go swimming!

Even though summer is over I'm really looking forward to Fall. With Fall being here means:

  1. Sweaters/Scarves

  2. Boots

  3. Hot chocolate

  4. Raking Orange, Red, and Yellow leaves

  5. Thanksgiving = sooo much food!

  6. Pumpkin pie

  7. Halloween/Parties/Candy

  8. Light warm breezes

  9. Football games

  10. And most importantly....JAXTON'S 1ST BIRTHDAY!!!


Where does the time go? It feels like summer should just be starting, but instead it ends in about a month and I go back to work! Yeah, I know! CRAZY! Jaxton will be 1 years old before we know it! I'm quite excited to go back to work, but also really nervous. I start in a little less than 2 months! Since I've been on mat.leave the bank decided to get a whole new system, which means I have to learn it all over again. Which isn't such a bad thing. I can start fresh, and it gives me an excuse on not remembering how to do things. Cause let me tell you...I've forgotten a lot!

Jaxton has decided to move on with bigger and better things lately. Like climbing the stairs, attempting to climb onto the couch, dancing, talking baby gibberish ALL the time, singing, and walking along objects. Brandon and I also taught him in one day how to drink from a straw, and now he drinks from his cup whenever he can get his hands on it. We've gone swimming a bit this summer and he loves it! Jax and I went down to Lake Five with my family for a few days, sadly Brandon had to stay home and work, but we had fun. Jaxton got to cruise in the kayak with Papa and myself. Jax kept trying to lean over to touch the water. He could swim all day if I'd let him. He is growing so fast and I can not decided if I like it or not. Of course it's exciting, but makes me sad that the time has gone by so quickly. Jax has already developed such a cute personality. He reminds me of Brandon in so many ways, but I also a little bit of myself. He is a little over 9 months now, and it feels like he was born yesterday!

Brandon has been doing nothing but work, work, work and a lot of paperwork. It sucks, but such is life right? Got to make a living somehow. Everything in this world cost money, and I appreciate every minute Brandon spends working so our family can afford to have things and live comfortably. He is dedicated, and such a hard worker. I love that about him!

The Cardston parade/rodeo, etc is this weekend so I'm hoping to remember to take pictures and have a fun time!!


Canada Day was this past weekend! Brandon had to work..of course. But such is life, right? While Brandon was working, Eva & Colton invited Jax & myself out for brunch at Ricky's. We quite enjoyed ourselves.

Jax ordering his food

Jax & mommy

Later that day when Brandon got off work, we decided to head out to Cardston to see if the Party in the Park was any good. LAME is the only word I have to describe it...or maybe that's just what I thought of one certain lady that organized it. Ha! Enough with that. So instead we took Jax out to visit Papa & Nana (Grandma & Grandpa Bevans) for a bit.

Big boy chillin' (he looks thrilled, doesn't he)

"Transformers- Dark of the Moon" was AWESOME! Brandon & I took my sister, Ronnie out to the Keg for supper, in exchange of her babysitting Jax so we could go enjoy Transformers. It was really nice to spend time together, not having to worry about Jaxton James.

Us going to the movie

On Sunday we were invited to a surprise birthday party for Brandon's cousin, Ray. They prepared a BBQ, dessert, and games. It was a nice afternoon. Jaxton enjoyed hanging out with Liam & Logan.

Liam sharing his treats with Jax

Well, not much else is new. Instead of crawling Jax has learned to do more of an army crawl/swimming stroke. I don't know if he'll crawl on all fours or just skip that step and go onto bigger & better things like walking. Lately he's been saying, "Dada" a lot. Jax is definitely a little squealer...but not those annoy squeals. It's adorable! He does it usually when we are in the vehicle driving down the highway. I'll look back to watch (not while driving of course), and he'll just give me this HUGE cheesy grin! He's too cute for words. I love waking up everyday, to find him in his crib smiling from ear to ear, kicking his feet, waving his hands, and bouncing up & down waiting to be picked up. I simply just love my baby boy to bits!