This beast was my home for a week!

Carnival Splendor

Day 1 & 2- Days at Sea

For the first two days, Brandon and I decided to check out the WHOLE ship. There were 11 floors to explore and enjoy. We spent most of our time on the 5th (Casino/El Morroco) and 9th (Lido Deck-Buffets/Dance Floor).

Every evening the house-keeping picks up your room, and leaves a different towel animal with the next days agenda. :)

What a cute elephant!

Day 3 & 4- Cabo San Lucas

The first day in Cabo, our whole group went Golfing at a 5star golf course. Brandon and myself were on a team with John and Jason. I don't golf, so I volunteered to drive the cart. :) Through-out the day Brandon happened to break a golf club and lose one. Another guy nearly rolled a golf cart, after he fell out of it. Last but not least, a guy hit the ball and ended up smashing a window. Lets just say...it was an eventful golf day.

The next day was a shopping day. It took us twice as long to get to the mall, because of all the people on the street trying to sell you crap. Finally when we reached the mall...it was nearly empty. A lot of stores were shut down. Personally, I found Cabo to be quite dirty and a tad bit sketchy. I had a guy ask me if I wanted to by a bracelet for $50, I said no, so he offered weed instead. Haha After shopping, we rented a boat thing and headed out to "Lover's Beach". On our way out we saw a lot of sea lions. And we also got the chance to hold a baby tiger. Check that off my bucket list!

Day 5- Puerta Vallarta

Pirates! Brandon and I went on a Pirate Ship Excursion! When we got on the ship they fed us breakfast, and then started some shows right after. I felt sick the whole way to the beach, however it was still a lot of fun. When we reached the beach, everyone had a choice to either relax on the beach or go snorkeling/kayaking. I chose to lay on the beach to try and get my stomach to settle. Brandon chose snorkeling. After all the swimming, snorkeling/kayaking, beach volleyball, and treasure hunt was over...we got back on the ship, they fed us lunch and prepared us for more games and shows.

After we got off the ship, we headed to the mall. This mall was waaayyy better than the one in Cabo.

Brandon & Pirate

Day 6&7- Days at Sea

These days were just relax "do whatever" days. We attened a few comedy shows, dances, etc. Hung out with Anthony and Brittany for a bit both days.

Brandon, Connor, Shane


The cruise was a lot of fun, but I am sooo glad to be home with my baby boy!! :)

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